Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire
— -William Butler Yeats


John Newton, Host

Mr. Newton is a National Registered Paramedic and lives in Augusta, Georgia with his wife and two daughters. He began his career in EMS as an Airport Fire Fighter in the United States Marine Corps in 1994. While stationed in California, took his first EMT-Basic class but did not take registry. With his discharge in 1998, Mr. Newton decided he liked the medical side. He had to set through another EMT-Basic class to be able to take National Registry. Returning to his native state of Alabama, he began working in industrial EMS until he had completed EMT-Intermediate. He then began working for a traditional rural ambulance service running 911 calls and inter-facility transports, while completing his paramedic course work. After obtaining his NREMT-P certification, he continued his studies in EMS to complete his Associates in EMS/Health Science. During his years of service as a NREMT-P, Mr. Newton has moved several times seeking new challenges within the EMS field. He has worked for urban, metropolitan, major metropolitan EMS services, and as a DOA Civilian Paramedic, always for 911 transport services, while teaching continuing education classes to his peers, nurses, doctors and medical students at two different medical schools. Mr. Newton has also taught as an adjunct instructor for EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate, and EMT-Paramedic. During his years of service he has been fortunate enough to participate in several cardiac studies that have led to national standards for STEMI protocols and the publication of a 12-lead EKG book for paramedics. Mr. Newton is currently a part of the Distance CME Team of educators. He completed his Bachelors of Science in History and English in the summer of 2012 as part of his continuing pursuit of education and knowledge about the world in which we live. While his historical area of focus is Post-Reconstruction U.S. History (Rhetoric & Speeches 1885-1975), he has researched and written on several occasions about the history of medicine and EMS. 

He started shooting episodes of Medic Life in the fall of 2015 and he begins each show with a "Welcome Lifers" as an acknowledgment that the EMS viewers and listeners have chosen this way of life because of a feeling of duty to their fellow man and that they are all Medic "LIFERs." He concludes each show with, "Stay Safe out There" as a reminder that safety is always paramount. 

Medic Life is a YouTube video-show that is also produced in the podcast format. The origins of Medic Life can be traced back several years as an idea that never really made itself known. In the fall of 2015, that idea began to emerge. First, as a way to promote EMS education in the electronic age. Even before the first episode the format and ideas changed. The main focus became a video format with a possible podcast component for future episodes. The content shifted from EMS education to all aspects of EMS with a quasi TV/radio show format. After the production and release of the first few episodes it became apparent the the podcast version of the show was a must. Today, Medic Life is produced both in video/podcast format. While all episodes are titled "Medic Life," the show is a production of Medic Life TV. 

In November 2015, a new segment was introduced to the show "Rants from the GT Medic." The development of this segment opened the door to new ideas and ways to bring the content to the viewers/listeners.

January 2016 started off with Marty D joining the show as a Co-host. His unique perspective on EMS allowed the topic of the day to be explored from an outsiders view.

At its heart Medic Life has been and always will be a natural, honest approach to the current topics in EMS.

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