FULL Article: How to Jumpstart Your EMS Flight Crew Career

— The Indiana Jones Way

Do you remember the scene in Raiders of The Lost Ark when Indiana Jones fights the Arab swordsman?

It’s epic . . .

Indiana Jones, having just survived an elaborate chase through the marketplace, is confronted by an Arab swordsman whipping through a flashy routine with a scimitar.

Clearly, the Arab knows his stuff.

Indiana Jones initially squares off with his trademark weapon of choice— a whip.

But then, in true Harrison Ford tough-guy fashion, Indiana looks at the Arab with a mixture of exhaustion and disgust, and decides to just pull out his revolver and blow the swordsman away.

A classic “I ain’t got no time for that scimitar crap,” moment.

A movie scene that is still talked about today. A scene that leads to blockbuster success.

What’s the point?

The point is this article gives you a tool like Indiana Jones’ revolver.

A tool that works.

A tool that gets results.

A tool that gets right to the point.

A way to jump start your EMS flight crew career. A way to pull out the “big guns” right from the start.

The Big Guns

What is the tool that can jump start your air medical career?

A mentor.

Your own personal success coach to keep you on the right path.

Someone to keep you focused.

Someone to get you results.

Because in the end, results are the only real litmus test for future EMS flight crews. Do you land a job as a flight nurse, flight medic, or EMS pilot, or not?

Will a Mentor Really Help

You’re probably asking yourself “does a mentor really help?” And “is a mentor worth the money?”

In two words, yes and yes.

Let me explain.

A mentor is how I got started in aviation 30 years ago. The right mentor put me on a path to success, and slapped me upside the head every time I strayed too far off the “get a flight job” path.

The right mentor can do the same for you.

Where To Find A Mentor

The challenge to finding a good mentor is always the same.

Nobody really cares about your success as much as you do. Sounds crass, but it’s true.

This can make it hard to find a quality mentor. The feedback I get from coaching students is that some mentors get into mentoring for the wrong reasons. Some mentors are more about themselves than the student. They do it for their resume, or their ego, but not always for the student.

They just don’t realize mentoring is about the students’ success.  An added challenge EMSers face is scheduling. Getting your unique schedule to mesh with another EMSers schedule can prove difficult. It is possible to find a good mentor. And a good mentor is absolutely worth the effort — just realize it takes some time and effort.

A couple important things need to happen for a quality student / mentor relationship to work:

Here are 5 Tips for Getting The Most Out of Your Mentor:

  1. Establish time limits for your mentorship
  2. Be clear on why you want a mentor
  3. Establish communication methods and frequency of contact
  4. Vary the activities you do together
  5. Don’t limit yourself to one mentor

All 5 tips are straightforward and simple, no detailed explanation required. .

If you’re thinking “I don’t have anyone to mentor me” or “I don’t trust anyone enough to mentor me” or whatever else . . . do not worry.

There are other options for getting the professional advice you need to start a career as a flight nurse, flight medic, or EMS pilot.

The Pro Coach Option

The pro coach option is now a legitimate option for people serious about air medical, or almost any other career.

Pro coaching helps people who can’t find (or don’t want to find) a local mentor. It also helps folks who prefer to keep their future employment plans private.

Unlike when I started my aviation and EMS careers, there are now awesome tools available for almost all career paths.

One of these tools is pro coaching — which is basically a paid mentorship.

I’m not too proud to admit I use this option to manage and grow EMS Flight Safety Network the company.


Because I’m an EMSer like you.

I don’t know everything I need to know to run and manage a growing business. And I don’t have time (or at least don’t want to wait) to learn it all on my own. I need professional help. (snicker)

In my case, a professional business coach.

My coach is my ‘Indiana Jones’ secret weapon for keeping EMS Flight Safety Network on the right path.

My business coach keeps me focused on what matters. He helps me plan and prioritize, and has paid for himself a thousand times over. My coach is priceless.

What About Paramedics, Nurses & Pilots

Is professional coaching and mentorship available for paramedics, nurses, and pilots who want to fly air medical?


It’s one of the services provided by EMS Flight Safety Network.

Does it work?

I prefer not to answer that question personally. Obviously, I’m bias. See the praise section of our website to hear results from people like yourself.

Is pro coaching for you?

Only you can answer this question. Because only you know your situation and circumstances.

I will say EMS Flight Safety Network coaching programs aren’t for everybody. Pro coaching doesn’t eliminate the work involved in earning a flight nurse, flight medic or EMS pilot job. In fact, it highlights it. Coaching is about keeping you on the right path. Frankly, some people don’t want to hear it. They prefer the fantasy they’re already telling themselves. Bottom line: only you can decide.

What if you want to try pro coaching? Where can you get started?

Five Dollar Test Flights

Right now, EMS Flight Safety Network is offering what we call $5 dollar test flights.

What is a $5 dollar test flight?

A couple things.

First, it’s an opportunity for you to try EMS Flight Safety Network pro coaching for $5 dollars.

The coaching is free for 30 days and then reverts to a monthly membership charge of $29 fixed. The five dollars is for account setup and postage. Note: we could have easily advertised this as free coaching for 30 days (after all, it is) . . . and then after you click through explain all you need to pay is $5 dollars postage and setup fees. Why didn’t we do that? Because I personally hate it when I click on a “free” offer and then find out I have to pay postage or whatever else. Okay, rant over.

What do you get for five dollars?

Everything included in INSIDER training program. The full-monty version. Nothing watered down. Nothing held back. You get the print newsletter, audio training CDs, graphic trainer newsletter inserts, access to the private training area on FlightSafetyNet.com and access to the private facebook forum.

What’s The Catch?

We’re limiting enrollment for $5 dollar test flights to the first 250 applicants. And it’s not because we only want to help 250 people. It’s because with our current INSIDER enrollment, 250 is the amount of new students we can take on without any “geography conflicts.” We intentionally limit the amount of students / mentorees allowed in the same geographic area. It’s okay if one or two students are competing for the same job (this actually helps), but too many students competing for the same position is detrimental.

Taking advantage of the $5 test flight DOES NOT guarantee you’ll be able to continue in the EMS Flight Safety Net INSIDER training program. The initial 30 days gives us time to sort out all the new and current students by geography. We deny students based on how many apply from the same area. Note: we try to give denied students priority the next time we open enrollment.

What else should you know?

The test flight goes both ways. It’s for you to check us out and see if our pro coaching is a good fit for you. And it’s for us to check you out and see if you’re a good fit with our other coaching students.

After 30 days, you’ll be offered an opportunity to continue in INSIDER training program, or asked to leave. If you continue, your subscription automatically converts to $29 dollars a month and is locked at this rate for as long as you maintain continuous membership. This is important because the rate is going up to $33 on January 1, 2016, and eventually to $97.