Episode Release Days

Just a little reminder about episode release days. In a previous news release, I let you know that the release days could change. I have decided to implement the change. The podcast version of each episode will be posted on Thursday mornings at 0530. and the video podcast will post at 0630 on Friday mornings. This provides a realistic timeline in which the video post production can be completed. The small staff at Medic Life is working hard to make sure you get the content in a timely manner but more importantly that you get quality content.

Another reminder will be sent as we get closer, however, I wanted to take this opportunity and let you know that the next two episodes will only be LIVE via Periscope. I will be traveling and cannot guarantee the quality of my internet connection. The show will go on but just not live via YouTube.

Thanks for your continued support and being fans of the show.

The Original Lifer,

--John Newton