Consistency is the Key

The last few weeks have been busy and exciting. We launched a new website and a YouTube channel that made it through the first fifteen episodes and honestly, I was unsure if you would watch one episode. You did and that turned my world upside-down with excitement. Some aspects have not been consistent over the last few weeks and I will not make excuses. I will simply apologize for my short-comings as I try and navigate the world of video podcasting and podcasting. As we end this year I will be moving to Wednesday nights for my Live broadcast. This time-slot will allow me the time necessary to consistently make the video and podcast available to you at a set time and date.

My goal is to have the video format uploaded for you to view by 7 a.m. on Thursday mornings. I will be setting the podcast as a scheduled upload on Friday mornings at 6 a.m.. If this schedule does not work, I will swap the video and podcast upload days. You will still be able to watch LIVE on Wednesday nights.

I value you as viewers and listeners. Please help me make this the best EMS Video podcast possible by leaving comments on my website, on the YouTube channel or just send me an email. You deserve quality content.

For my podcast Lifers, you can still find me on iTunes and Stitcher but I will be stepping away from Spreaker until I can resolve the RSS feed change issue.

Thanks for being a Lifer.