The silence is over

I have been pacing the floors in silence. This past week we shot a new episode of Medic Life but decided to wait to release it until Monday morning. This last week Medic Life Tv has been virtually silent on social media. Honestly, I was shocked at how much I felt the need to connect with you. It has only been a few months and yet, I have grown accustomed to your interaction. Thank you for watching and listening. We will return to our regular schedule this week. So, this week you will get a Monday episode and a Friday episode. Look for other exciting projects to start popping up over the next few weeks.

I will also be doing some shorts about the EMS Today 2016 Expo in the weeks leading up to.

Thank you for being loyal fans. Please spread the word and don't forget you can be part of the process by leaving comments, sending emails or just getting on the Lifer's List.

The Original Lifer,

John Newton