This year we’re offering a special Dynamic & Active Threats track to help you be prepared to act when your community is attacked by lone gunmen or terrorist groups. If you’re not yet in compliance with the recommendations of the Hartford Consensus documents, you’ll want to have staff attend these important sessions.
Also new this year is a first-of-its-kind active shooter simulation preconference workshop that allows personnel to learn and practice warm zone operations in a realistic environment,  rendering care to cadavers as they move through rooms and hallways.
Other key topics in the Dynamic & Active Threats track include:
·         Integrating police, fire and EMS responses
·         Active shooter incidents
·         Washington, D.C., Navy Yard active shooter incident review
·         Chemical suicides and their hazards
·         Excited delirium syndrome and toxicology
·         Incident command systems for rescue task force operations in warm zones
·         Joint rescue task force model
·         Legal issues with body cameras
·         Creating active bystanders
·         Selecting providers for tactical EMS
·         Community plan for a biologic disaster
·         Preparing for mini mass casualty events
·         Legal issues with body cameras

Needle Decompression: Location, Location

The following article was published in March of this year. I won't give you any spoilers, if you have notread it, but I challenge you to ask yourself one question; would this knowledge or the ability to perform this skill changed the outcome of my patient?